Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Tradition is a very important part of genealogy. At our family, we show up at somebody's house at about 10:00 AM Christmas morning. We then proceed to make pigs of ourselves eating appleskivers, little round golf-ball shaped pancakes of Scandinavian cuisine. My father started this tradition from an old family recipe. Recipes can be handed down through many generations. What our ancestors ate and tasted is just as important as a good picture, don't let them be lost. Have someone gather all the family recipes and put them in a book.

Word of the week:
Æbelskiver (Danish), Ebelskiver (Norwegian), Äppleskiver (Swedish): A round pancake filled with apple pieces, butter, powdered sugar and other goodies.

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Alan said...

if you have a skiver castiron skillet you can make them otherwise you have to use the inside of an old tennis ball to get the round shape...