Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Proof of Cisely Tawyer's Grandfather as Thomas not John

Copy of the top of page 391 in the parish records of Thornbury in April 1611 which actually reads:

"The 30th Day was buried Mrs Mary Cooke
whose firste (May) husband wast the
Thomas Tawyer who died in Año 1573"

Note: The month of May is inserted in the original quote with an arc over the top to separate it from the top burial entry.

In the Thornbury records a Thomas Tawier was buried 17 Mar 1572/1573. I have extracted the Tayer names from Thornbury. See Tayer of Thornbury. Unfortunately, almost all the records list only the godparents not the parents.

Thornbury PR FHL-ENG#0414766

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